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Close Out Items

Keep checking back as we will be listing close-out and one of a kind items here.

Brake Pads 44098-77

44098-77.jpg Harley Front Replacement Brake Pads. Harley Part #44098-77. : $21.99 $12.60 On Sale!

TP-11 Oil Pump Kit

tp11.jpg 1984-91 Evolution Big Twin Oil Pump Kit ... : $26.99 $8.10 On Sale!

56343-90SS Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

56343-90sc.jpg Part# 56343-90
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

56327-96SS Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

56327-96sc.JPG Part# 56327-96
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

56306-96SS Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

56306-96sc.JPG Part# 56306-96
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

56305-96SS Stainless Steel Idle Cable

56305-96sc.JPG Part# 56305-96
Stainless Steel Idle Cable. : $29.60

56305-96BLK Black Vinyl Idle Cable

56305-96blk.JPG Part# 56305-96BLK
Black Vinyl Idle Cable. : $21.10

56306-96BLK Black Vinyl Throttle Cable

56306-96blk.JPG Part# 56306-96BLK
Black Vinyl Throttle Cable. : $21.10

56343-90SS-90 Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

56343-9090.jpg Part# 56343-90
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

56308-96SS Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

56308-96SC.jpg Part# 56308-96
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $34.00

56342-96SS Stainless Steel Idle Cable

56342-96sc.jpg Part# 56342-96
Stainless Steel Idle Cable. : $34.00

SSIC025 Stainless Steel Idle Cable

ssic025sc.jpg Part# SSIC025
Stainless Steel Idle Cable. : $29.60

SSTC025 Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

sstc025sc.jpg Part# SSTC025
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

SSTC025A Stainless Steel Throttle Cable

sstc025sca.jpg Part# SSTC025A
Stainless Steel Throttle Cable. : $29.60

38617-95+6 Black Vinyl Clutch Cable

38617-95.jpg Part# 38617-95+6
Black Vinyl Clutch Cable. : $62.60

93-99 XL Speedometer Cable

ds223166.jpg Part# 93-99XLCBL. XL Speedometer Cable
Fits 93-99 XL. : $19.95

67048-83A Stainless Steel Speedometer Cable

67048-83A.jpg Part# 67048-83A Replacement Stainless Steel Speedometer Cable. : $19.95

16769-73B Cylinder Head Gasket

16763-73 Harley Part Black Head Gasket Part# 16769-73B
Cylinder Head Gasket .032" Coated Paper : $3.25 $2.25 On Sale!

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