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Cleaners & Lubes

Cleaners, chemicals and lubricants for your bike.

9976005 X-Treem Metal Polish

9976005.jpg X-Treem Metal Polish. Simply the best product to polish, clean and restore all metal surfaces to a brighter than new polished finish!!!!

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 09/25/2017 : $0.00

03001 X-Treem Metal Majic

03001b.jpg X-Treem Metal Majic, The little miracle that gives the finishing touch to all polished aluminum, brightens chrome to a deep luster and keeps the water spots away. !!!!

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 08/11/2016 : $0.00

GB-12, Gibbs Brand Lubricant 12 oz.

gb-12.jpg GIBBS Brand Penetrating Oil & Lubricant is a commercial grade product that will replace all of your other penetrants, degreasers, and spray on lubricants.

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 08/15/2014. : $0.00

MF1616 Microfiber Polishing Cloth 2 Each

mf1616a.jpg Microfiber Polishing & Drying Cloth 2 Each !!!!
: $3.40

AArdvark Tee Shirts

acpteesmall.jpg AArdvark Cycle Products Tee Shirts.

Please select desired size on next page.
: $20.00

53-1918 Primary Case Oil

53-0772a.jpg Primary Chain Case Fluid 1 qt.
: $10.95

40138 Bel Ray Primary Chaincase Lubricant

40138.jpg Bel Ray Primary Chaicase Lubricant 1Qt.

: $14.99

2004 Phoenix Systems V-12 DIY

v12.jpg Phoenix Systems 2004 - Phoenix Systems V-12 DIY Brake Bleeder!

Temporarily out of stock 05/20/2015 : $0.00

3391152 Silicone Brake Fluid 12.5 oz.

3391152.JPG Bel-Ray DOT-5 Brake Fluid........
: $34.99

53-6090 PJ1 Fork Oil

53-6090.jpg PJ1 Fork Tuner Oil.
: $16.95

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