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Motorcycle Metal Fabrication

Ron Fournier's Motorcycle Metal Fabrication, 2 DVD Set.
Watch master metal fabricator Ron Fournier create custom motorcycle sheet metal parts from scratch, including construction of an aluminum tank, fairing and front fender in this comprehensive film. Also featured is step-by-step fabrication of the entire rear section of the bike which includes the fender, sides and seat pan. Each step and every technique is clearly demonstrated in a manner that shows the viewer how to make custom parts of their own design. The entire metal shaping process is detailed with thorough explanations & helpful tips to de-mystify metal working magic. From pattern to finished product - Ron explains custom metal work - the result is professional and ready for paint. Armed with fundamental metal shaping knowledge, some essential tools - and a few tricks of the trade, you can take your next project from sheet to street! Demonstration & Instruction on: Project Planning; Pattern Development; Buck Design & Fabrication; Annealing; Blocking and Smoothing; Metal Shaping using an English wheel; Shrinking & Stretching; Heliarc Tack-Welding & Gas Welding; Tips on Final Trim & Fit; Metal Finishing.

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