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Indian Chief Wide-Tire Kit

Size does matter...

After numerous requests for a wide-tire solution from 02-03 Chief owners, we knew we couldn't forget about them. So here you have it...our 2002-2003 Indian Chief Wide-Tire Kit that allows you to retain your stock swingarm. For 02-03, Indian narrowed the left side of the frame substantially; so using our wide-tire swingarms simply would not work. Since there wasn't any room to move the belt to the left, we came up with a chain conversion solution that works beautifully. The sprockets are made to our specs by a major manufacturer and retain the stock drive ratio. These sprockets had to be made larger so as to have the chain clear the swingarm and not drag on it during operation. There are not any sprockets on the market that you can buy that will accomplish this. This kit contains everything necessary to complete the conversion...sprockets, spacers, o-ring chain, gaskets, hardware, and easy-to-read instructions (tire not included). It allows you to install a 160 tire using your stock wheel without any other modifications. You can also run up to a 180 tire, however, you will need to use a wider wheel and make some slight modifications to your motorcycle (also listed in the instructions).

160mm pictured...

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