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2000 Indian Chief : SOLD

One fine Chief, Stretched and re curved rear fender, with all LED lighting and frenched in license plate with chrome frame. Front fender Indian Head is Clear Glass with white LED. Aardvark Cycle Products, Cloud Rider Seat kit, this is an early kit with a hand made aluminum frame cover and tan covered seat with early Indian logo embossed in it. Aardvark Cycle Products Buffalo Swingarm, which will allow you to run up to a 200MM rear tire with the stock rear belt, and the rear wheel is a custom laced 16 X 5 / 60 spoke. The rear shocks are the upgraded gold progressive shocks and the front forks have a Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators and springs installed. The engine is still 88"", however it has been bored .010 over and 10.2:1 S&S pistons were installed, along with a Bobby Woods W6H .590 lift cam, Dyna 2000I ignition, utilizing a voes switch, and chromed Webber DHOC 45 side draft carburetor that has been set up by Wide Open Products, S&S chrome billet rocker boxes, Spyke Crank Vent, and Samson Street Sweeper exhaust. The transmission gear set was switched to a factory HD set of 5 speed gears and shafts, much quieter and the input shaft connects to the BDL 3"" open belt drive basket much better. A Carlini wave torque arm connects the engine and transmission. The BDL belt drive and covers have been chromed along with a custom kickstand to work with the belt drive. The front and rear brake rotors are Hallmark spoke style along with the rear belt pulley. Brake pads are Lyndall Racing Brakes Gold Pads, these stop much better with less brake dust. The front brake master cylinder has been upgraded to a 3/4" and what a difference that makes in the operation of the front brake on this beauty.

Sold / Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the parts you see on this bike, as we produce many of these parts as custom orders. Or you can email us here mark@aardvarkcycle.com

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