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AArdvark Air Ride

This system was developed for the rider who is looking for the comfort
of a standard swingarm bike,
while keeping the ST look. Adjustable maximum ride height allows the ability to add a
little extra travel to the swingarm during your ride,without compromising the down low look when you arrive at your destination. Completely rebuildable large shaft diameter shock absorber that really works. Nothing extends below the frame so ground clearance remains unaffected.
Designed to ride as well with a light rider or loaded down to travel two up. All components come finished and ready for installation with all necessary hardware and fully documented instructions for ease of installation. Several different styles of kits will be offered to meet the needs of all riders, builders and budgets. So dont comprise any longer, start to enjoy the ride that feels as good as your bike looks. Patent Pending

We are in production of the 1999-2001 Indian Motorcycle Chief Kits.
Below are some photos of the sysyem, and a little on how it works.

The following photos were all taken with the system components mounted on a 2001 Indian Chief frame.
The swingarm used in the photos is one of our Buffalo wide swingarms, however we have
developed this kit and the necessary components to bolt directly on to the stock swingarms.

The photo below will help you to understand the components of the system and where they are mounted.

Indian Motorcycle air suspension

The photo below shows the rear of the Air Spring uncovered and the position of the Air Compressor.

Chopper air suspension

The photo below is of the Control Switch installed in the coil cover.

AArdvark Cycle air suspension

The drawing below may help you understand all of the components of the system as they relate to your motorcycle.

Softail air suspension

The 2001 Scout below has our air system installed on it. There are more photos of it in the 4-sale area of the site.

Indian Scout Air Suspension

The short video below was shot with the camera mounted to the passenger peg as you can see in the shadows.
If you watch the top of the license plate, the camera shadow or the rider shadow while the video is running
you will see how little the ride is affected by the road bumps. You may want to watch it a couple of times to truly
understand just how well this system works, and the smoothness of the ride as the suspension absorbs the bumps of the road.
The sound stops early in the video it is not your computer.

AArdvark Suspension Video from Passenger Peg on 2001 Scout.

The short viedo below is of the system installed on a chief we built a 330 wide tire swingarm to fit,
and designed it so the frame in the rear would sit on the ground when parked.

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